Recent Fruitbat Factory Announcements

Fruitbat Factory recently announced two visual novel acquisitions, Muzintou’s Miniature Garden and ENIGMA: by Uzumeya.

 Miniature Garden

Miniature Garden is a mystery visual novel set in the titular school located in the woods. There is a festival that takes place every three years and an unnatural death is said to befall someone on the night on the festival. The protagonist Yusunari along with four other students find themselves trapped in school on that very night.

The game features over 100 CGs with Korie Riko’s art and is available in HD. It is also fully voiced by leading voice actors such as Hidaka Rina (Ririchiyo from Inu x Boku SS), Numakura Manami (Hibiki from Idolm@ster) and Tokui Sora (Nico from Love Live!). More information can be found here.

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STEINS;GATE Coming To Steam

Steins Gate

5pb. announced that STEINS;GATE will be available on Steam in September for Windows PC under their parent company MAGES. STEINS;GATE is the second visual novel (after CHAOS;HEAD) from the Science Adventure series by 5pb. and Nitroplus which has won Famitsu’s Game of Excellence award. It has had an English release on PC, PS3 and PSV, and received an anime series and movie by White Fox.

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Interview with Peter Shillito at Hyper Japan 2016

Could you introduce yourself to those who don’t know you?

I’m Peter Shillito, the host of the anime music radio show Neko Desu on on 107.9FM. It covers Crewe and Nantwich but people generally listen online anyway, so it sort of covers everywhere else.

How long have you been running Neko Desu and how did it start?

I started it in roughly college time which would be in 2008. I was part of an anime fan-club, we’d meet up once a month and watch anime in a church hall. We got the idea of promoting it on the then temporary FM station The Cat, it was only on for a month at the time (they didn’t have the full FM license back then). Me and someone else went on and talked about the club, and I asked whether we could play a song on the air. They played Bouken Desho Desho by Hirano Aya from Haruhi Suzumiya, technically that was the first anime song they aired.

On the way out I asked if they had any presenter positions or ‘how do I be a presenter’; they said ‘just send us an email’ and then I got a show. I started off with just one hour on a Thursday night which moved to Friday night, and to Saturday night and then it got extended from 10-11pm to 9-11pm, got that extra hour so here we are.

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One Small Fire At a Time Review

Title Screen

One Small Fire At a Time is the prequel to the award-winning An Octave Higher by the circle Kidalang. It follows the story of Janis who suffers from a ‘madness’ called Magic Deficiency Disorder in a society which relies on magic. Janis lives with other people with madness in a madhouse named Eclipse, and there seems to be something the owners are hiding…

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Animation on Display 2016

Gaming Room

Welcome to Neko’s Shiritori! This year Animation on Display (AOD) had moved to a new venue at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The general atmosphere was relaxed, much similar to 2015. AOD fully utilized the two floors of the convention center to distinguish the panels and autographs on the second floor from the exhibit hall and game room on the first.

The gaming room has a wide variety of games on various platforms. There we encountered speedrunning; an AOD featured segment where we had speedrunner Dolfinh running older games for the SEGA Genesis, such as Ecco the Dolphin 1 and 2. One key thing to note was how drastically different the gameplay was relative to the games we see today.

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Sekai Project E3 Announcements and More

Limited Run

Sekai Project announced at E3 that they will be collaborating with Mighty Rabbit Studios and their subsidiary Limited Run Games to port games over to PS4 and Vita both digitally and physically. Physical copies will be available as limited collectors editions. The first two games announced from the partnership are fault milestone one and Rabi-Ribi, the console version will feature new music and additional content. You can find out more on the PlayStation Blog.

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Anime Central Announcements


We had quite a few announcements at Anime Central. Starting with Sekai Project are their new titles 2236 A.D by Chloro. and Magical x Spiral by Broken Desk.

2236 A.D. is set in 2231 where the skill of telepathy has emerged. The protagonist Yotsuba notices a shut in girl who doesn’t use her abilities and a screwdriver which came from an abandoned mansion. Why doesn’t the girl use telepathy and what lies in the mansion? You can find out in 2236 A.D. which will have an all-ages version on Steam and adult version on Denpasoft. In Magical x Spiral, Medianne Phirta discovers the existence of a magical world named Celestria after extensive research. Players can battle monsters and summon spirit allies in this magic-based action game.

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