Anime Weekend Atlanta 2016 VN Announcements


Sekai Project announced a series of titles at their panel. First is Serment – Contract with a Devil (Serment) by NKTSTUDIO, a visual novel – dungeon crawler hybrid with a time management system. The player plays as one of four girls who has to pay off a large amount of money after being revived by a devil.

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Harmonia Released on Steam!


KEY’s latest kinetic novel, Harmonia is available now on Steam! Set in a distant dystopian future, scientists developed robots named ‘Phiroids’ that were capable of expressing emotion. Rei, a male Phiroid, wakes up in the middle of the remains of a factory and finds that his emotions aren’t functioning. A young girl Shiona mistakens Rei for a human and takes him in, and slowly he learns about emotions.

Harmonia is the first KEY game to be released in the West before a Japanese release. There’s currently a 20% discount until 29th September, making the game $7.99/£5.59 with the original price of $9.99/£6.99.

Love Ribbon on Steam Greenlight

Love Ribbon

From the creators of Starlight Vega comes their new yuri visual novel, Love Ribbon! Iris has a younger sister named Zoey whom she has never met. She is due to transfer into Iris’ school and they’ll be living together for the semester, and Iris wants to make up for lost time. However, Zoey turns out to be nothing like the person she’d had in mind. Foul-mouthed, lacks respect for authority and ditches class often, how will this relationship turn out in the end?

More information about Love Ribbon can be found on their Greenlight page.

STEINS;GATE Steam Release


As we’ve previously written about before, STEINS;GATE has been released on STEAM by MAGES! There is a 15% discount available which makes the price $29.74/£22.94 until 15th September, with a regular price of $34.99/£26.99 afterward. This release of STEINS;GATE includes Steam trading cards and achievements, and can be purchased here. It has also been released on iOS in English.

Silicon Valley Comic Convention 2016


Welcome to Neko’s Shiritori coverage of Silicon Valley Comic Con! Wow did SVCC start off with a bang in its debut! Just upon arrival anyone could see that parking was challenging as nearly every conceivable parking slot was occupied by attendees, industry, staff, and guests alike! It was packed with a total of 60,000 attendees!

Our major focus of the convention was to observe the overall ambience as well as cover various booths that are excited about upcoming projects. Silicon Valley definitely managed its numbers well by having staff at every entrance, as well as a wristband system that tracked every entry and exit.

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