A Student’s Guide: MCM Expo Part 1

Please note: I don’t intend on making certain businesses bankrupt with this guide.

Alright, let’s start!

Tohko Amano by Urue (Pixiv)


Be ready to be able to stand for a long period of time (better yet, bring a portable chair).

Bring something to occupy you (games console, manga, etc.)

Bring an energy-filled packed lunch and plenty of fluids- it can get very hot.


If you look young, try going for a Child ticket. Think of how many things you can buy with that money.

Avoid Fast Track tickets- the fun is in the waiting, plus its more money gone.

Get your friends to look for other friends- everyone does that.


DO NOT buy food in or anywhere close to the Expo unless you’re starving. You can get Pocky and other yummy food much cheaper elsewhere.


If it’s not cheaper than normal, don’t buy it. The normal price at the Expo is £5 each- saving you £1.99.

Only buy dojinshi if the art is good- don’t buy it if you feel sorry for the person selling homemade manga.

Artbooks are generally very expensive- around £30. When I looked at them, most were Chinese so I suspect that the suppliers had brought it for a cheaper price. Go to China or order artbooks online. If you’re really tight on cash, Google the artbooks to find scans (it’s not the same as having the book).


Large anime distribution companies are always selling boxsets cheaper at the Expo, but not so much for single releases. Wait a while until they become boxed and buy!


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