A Student’s Guide: MCM Expo Part 2

If you haven’t read A Student’s Guide: MCM Expo Part 1, read it.

NO THANK YOU by LuluSeason
^NO THANK YOU by LuluSeason

Cosplay & Clothing

Only buy cosplay outfits if you think that you can’t make it even after taking sewing lessons (cosplay is very expensive).

Don’t waste money on simple accessories, such as Haruhi Suzumiya’s ribbon. It’s simple to make.

Avoid cute hats- they are very warm but aren’t suited for Expo-ing.

Kawaii items

They’re irresistible. Think about the price and purpose of the object before you buy.

Do you really need another cute pencil, or a memo pad shaped like a cassette?

Also, remember that Artbox has stalls around London- they don’t do special offers at the Expo. kickass-peanut also sells her items online.

Visual Novels & Games

No offers. Visual Novels are usually for 18+. (minors aren’t allowed near the stall).

The games are generally newly released and expensive. May not be available in the UK market.

Some stalls sell retro Gameboy games- if you don’t want you console to go to waste, you can always buy more games.


These are the most expensive products at the Expo, yet people buy them for £30 – £70 each.

Check the quality of the figurine. Good Smile Company and Kotobukiya are excellent figurine makers- look out for their logo.

Cheaper alternatives are papercraft and Nendoroids.

Papercraft is an art (like origami), but you can make characters. Google it or look it up on DeviantArt.

Nendoroids are high quality chibi figurines which are cheaper as they are smaller.

Figmas are flexible figurines which can even change facial expressions. These can be pricey but worth it.

Don’t buy figurines simply because you recognise the character (I did that once).


Suppliers always have a deal- usually three for £10 or something similar.

Buy it if the art looks nice and you don’t mind family and friends looking at it.

Paper posters rip easily- be careful of tears and creases before buying.

Fabric posters are expensive, but they last much more longer. Currently, only TokyoToys sells them (and they have a stall at London Trocadero).

Mainstream Anime & Manga

Look for things which are big in Japan, but not in the UK. Products from mainstream anime and manga are always going to be there so you can come back to buy them.

Also remember that the Expo lasts for two days, so you can come back if you run out.


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