STEINS;Gate 02


STEINS;Gate Episode 2 introduces us to the rest of the cast, which includes Luka (which Okarin pointed out) who’s a cross-dresser/ trap- if Okarin never pointed that out, I guess that I wouldn’t have known…


Then we get the energetic Amane who volunteers to Mr Braun’s shop underneath Okarin’s apartment.


And this is Moeka…who’s sort of quietly mysterious. She shows Okarin a picture of a really rare PC.

IBN 1500

Maid Cafe

And we take a trip to the local maid cafe where Mayushi works.


The last of the heroines we meet is Faris, who is Mayushi’s co-worker in the Maid Cafe.

Gel Banana

Okarin attempts the banana experiment again, but this time there’s a different result.


Child-prodigy Kurisu shows up once again at the end.


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