Rock, Paper, Scissors!


Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors to go up the stairs is a fun game.


But winning using an incantation of resurrection is cheating!


And imagine waking up late because your alarm didn’t go off.


The bear that has been waiting outside your door starts running after you…


And reveals that it’s a pro-wrestler?!


Or how about if you’re a robot created by a little kid that likes roll-cakes that come out of your arm…


…and another kind of cake coming out of your head. Surely, that will be embarrassing if you were in a CD shop and you push the eject button…

Grip of Death
You’ve been doodling your crush in your homework book, and was going to lend your book to your friend to copy. You suddenly remember that you forgot to erase that sketch from the night before!


Guns, guns, guns at the end of Nichijou 02.

Goat Guy

Although I would like to shoot this guy who rides on a goat to school, and gets his servant to pull up his trousers for him. Totally understandable.


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