The World God Only Knows II 02

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This week continues with the couple’s date. Unfortunately, there’s barely anything Kasuga and Keima have together, just maybe the fact that their names both begin with K.


That movie was really moving! If I was there, I would have been sobbing like Elsie. However, Keima is busy with his 2D waifus and Kasuga thinks the boy is too weak.


How about Whack a Lobster? Nah, Keima became the top score with 999.

Ice Cream

The weakest activity considered by Kasuga…eating ice cream together. This lures out Kasuga’s other side and prompts a fight between the two girls.


Keima (who’s being quite brave this season) steps into the fight and tries to resolve it. The fight ends with an agreement- after Kasuga becomes strong, she will try to give her feminine side a chance.


Soul capture success!


And Haqua makes an appearance- she’s voice by Saori Hayami, the seiyuu of Ayase from Oreimo. Things this episode wasn’t too great, but with Haqua, things are likely to go uphill.


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