AnoHana 02


It’s a good idea to go travelling- just look at all the places Poppo has been to! Jinta and Poppo talk about Menma for a while in the clubhouse.


In WcDonald’s, Anaru and her friends hang out. Tsuruko storms out of WcDonald’s and forgets her notebook. Anaru gives it back to Tsuruko but they start an argument. Menma sees them arguing and tries to separate them.


On the way home, Menma tries to stroke the dog but the dog jumps back and starts to bark. Poor Menma…

Nokemon Gold

Nokemon Gold

Jinta and Poppo believes that Menma’s wish is to accuire the rare Nokemon in Nokemon Gold, so Jinta goes to the local game store where he sees Anaru.


Jinta- it’s Menma.

Gotta Catch 'Em All!

To get rare Nokemon, you need to trade from different games. Jintan and Poppo go to Anaru’s house to play Nokemon.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!


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