STEINS;Gate 04

Dead End

After finding the message ‘Human is dead’ from Episode 3, it looks like Daru has hit a dead end as they spot some kind of code which they can’t decode. Okarin remembers what Suzuha and John Titor has told him; that the IBN 5100 can decode this.


He quickly texts John Titor.


Kurisu is still thinking about what happened with the Phone Microwave and denies that it was time travel. The view is lovely from her hotel room.


On the way to the laundry, Okarin and Mayushi run into Suzuha. Mayushi shows Okarin the gold card that Suzuha had given her.

Stardust Shake Hand
Stardust Shake Hand

Okarin calls this Mayushi habit ‘Stardust Shake Hand’. We also get a peek at a cemetery. Maybe someone close to Mayushi has died?


‘Feyris-chan, why did this happen to you?’ <- So cute! In the laundrette, Okarin gets a reply from John Titor. He confirmed that the code can be decoded by the IBN 5100. New mission: to find the IBN 5100!


Kurisu accidentally bumps into Okarin; and Kurisu says that she doesn’t want to make the same mistake as her father. Kurisu threatens to leave the Future Gadget Lab and Okarin gives a quite nice parting speech.


You have to duel Feyris Nyan Nyan to get the information, Okarin! He lost, but she tells him that she last spotted it at an Akiba shrine. He immediately phones up Luka.


Okarin meets with Kurisu at Luka’s shrine. Okarin’s right- there’s some stuff which are better off not knowing.


This couldn’t be a coincidence- someone knew that Okarin would need to IBN 5100.

IBN 5100

Kurisu and Okarin carries the PC back together, arguing along the way.


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