OreImo 14


Sena and Kuroneko has been assigned to work together for a game competition. Kyousuke bumps into Sena in the bookshop as he was looking for game guides.


Kyousuke tells Sena that he’s completely straight, but Sena already thinks of her brother and Kyousuke as a couple.


They start talking about Sena’s brother, then Kyousuke mentions how she reacted differently on the phone to her brother.


Kyousuke proposes that they make an eroge- and Kuroneko is willing to cooperate.


At lunchtime, Kyousuke and Minami sees Kuroneko eating outside alone.


Sena and Kuroneko both give their speeches, and Kuroneko’s one was quite strong. At the end, Kuroneko won because…


…Her dungeon RPG was full of Yoai, and the characters were based on all the club members! Sena stops coming to the club after the incident.


Kuroneko is forced to work on her own since Sena quitted. However, the club members find loads of bugs and problems in her game.


She goes to Sena and asks her to help, since Sena’s good at these kind of things.



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