The World God Only Knows II 03


Haqua explains how she has become the Section Chief, and Elsie is just all praises. They find out that there has been a Loose Soul which has escaped.


Low signal? Hold it up to the sky. I wouldn’t play a game that was based on real-time; too exhausting.

Loose Soul

Haqua and Elsie split up to find the Loose Soul, and it’s revealed that Haqua was the one who accidentally set it loose.

Loose Soul

Haqua explains a bit about how Loose Souls were the souls of actual demons, and that they can be dangerous.


They look around everywhere in the school, and find themselves going to the School Theatre as it’s full of negative energy.


And Elsie’s also inside- but she’s much closer to the Loose Soul. We end on a cliffhanger this episode.


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