The Big Walk

I couldn’t resist but peek at my blog again- 75 views on May 4th! I was so surprised, and thank you every one who is reading!

Big Walk

Anyways, back to the topic. I don’t know if some of you know, but I’m part of a charity called Envision and this is their company overview:

Envision provides young people with the opportunity to make a difference. The charity was set up by four young people in 2000 to challenge the stereotype of ‘the youth’ as apathetic and disengaged.

Today Envision supports 16-19 year olds from 100 schools and colleges in Birmingham, Greater London, Leeds and around the country, helping 1,500 every year to design their own local community projects tackling issues ranging from street crime to climate change.

And on the 16th of July, they are planning to walk for 20 miles; from Hampton Court to Battersea Park in London. I use the word ‘they’ as I’ve already typed, I’m going abroad~

This is the JustGiving page where you can donate money. Envision is planning to raise £10,000 from this.

Every little bit helps! Please, please help- I’ve been part of the Envision programme a year ago, and they help young people make a difference to the general community; or even a larger scale. So donate today, thank you!

For more information, please go to The Big Walk page and check out the Envision UK page while you’re at it.

EDIT: Links not showing up, gonna try to find a solution. Sorry about this guys. But you can go to those pages by:

> Typing in ‘JustGiving’ and ‘Envision’s Big Walk’ into Google
> Typing in ‘The Big Walk’ and ‘Envision UK’ into Facebook search


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