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This week means the start of my exams, with Japanese as my first exam (out of three). I haven’t been so active blogging-wise, but this post is to warn you of the dangers of a program called Easygo Games.

I was on Skype yesterday (I don’t normally use Skype) and it asked me whether I wanted to install Easygo Games. You can guess what happened. I switched the laptop on this morning to find that it was the blue screen of death and there were constant notifications from an antivirus software I didn’t know about.

Basically, Easygo Games is a virus which acts as an antivirus once installed. It asked me to remove ‘threats’ (which are probably not even harmful) and I wasn’t able to access my own antivirus because that was a ‘threat’ too. I’m planning to take it to the technicians and see what they can do.

Keep safe and be wary at all times! And good luck to those with exams like I do!

EDIT: I looked through forums to get help, and EasyBits Media has posted this which has been pasted in the forum:

EasyBits Media is dedicated to providing a world class Game channel to the expanding global Skype community.

In 2006, in collaboration with Skype, EasyBits Media created the Skype Extras framework – one of the world’s first ever Apps store.

Skype Extras are Apps that allow users to extend Skype functionality. For example, our Skype Extra is called “Play Games” which is bundled with the Skype client for Windows and installed on over 100 million PCs. It allows users to play a host of free classic and cutting edge games with friends and family through Skype.

Over 30% of Skype Extras users play games. Given the popularity of our Skype Game channel, EasyBits Media is currently expanding this service by launching the GO Games platform which will add more features and games to satisfy the growing demand of our gaming community!

To learn more, please visit http://www.easybitsmedia.com

I guess that means maybe not everyone gets the virus? I don’t know, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. I’m trying to remove it with the help of the Skype forums but the virus is worse than I thought…

SECOND EDIT: My issue has been fixed by erasing my whole laptop.


2 thoughts on “Easygo Games

  1. Woah. It’s likely to be a Trojan horse. Please forgive me if you already know what the term “trojan horse” comes from already, but I like explaining it >.<

    In Acient Greek times, there were wars called Trojan wars. Craftsmen built a huge wooden horse as a "gift" to another land, but once it arrived there, Trojan warriors that were hidden inside the wooden horse came out to attack the land.

    So, back to our century, a cyber Trojan horse is a program/software that you think is good and download, that ends up actually harming your computer.

    Thank you for reading :]

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