Hinatabokko Review


Hinatabokko is a short and sweet game. The protagonist (Natsuki) and his sister (Koharu) is forced to move after a refurbishment project in their area. They found out that Natsuki’s old teacher (Hinata) runs her own cafe (Koharu Biyori) and that she has a twin which is also called Natsuki.

Natsuki’s childhood friends are Shizuma (who’s got a little sister called Suzuno) and Koori (who’s also got a little sister called Mizu). Suzuno, Mizu and Koharu are good friends.

There’s also a mysterious girl called Nanase who calls Hinata her mother…

Koharu– Natsuki’s little sister. She loves eating and are good freinds with Suzuno and Mizu.

Hinata– Natsuki’s old teacher who he used to like. She’s the current owner Koharu Biyori (the cafe) and is a very gentle person. She offers Natsuki the job and accommodation at Koharu Biyori. Hinata is called ‘mother’ by Nanase, a mysterious girl.

Natsuki– the twin of Hinata who also works from time to time in the cafe. Likes teasing people (slightly) and what she does for a living is a s-e-c-r-e-t.

Koori– childhood friend of Natsuki. She offered Natsuki a place to live (over at her mansion; she’s quite affluent) but was rejected because it was probably going to be awkward. Her facial expressions are quite funny and extreme at times. She also packs a powerful punch- beware.

Shizuma– another childhood friend of Natsuki. Helps out a lot after school and is quite friendly. He has a little sister called Suzuno.

Suzuno– a quiet person who helps out at her family dojo where Natsuki used to go.

Mizu and Nanase doesn’t get a route in this game, but I heard that there’s a Nanase route in the fandisk.

Day Out

Hinatabokko was a heartwarming game to play- I loved the everyday interactions between the characters no matter who they were. The music was also very good and I loved the ending song- 紅の花 (Red Flower). I think that was sung by Rita, who’s famous for her songs in Little Busters!

My favourite character is Koharu- she’s so cute! Mizu doesn’t get enough screen-time compared to other little sisters, but in Koori’s route you get to see her without her glasses on. My favourite route was Shizuma- which was really quite surprising actually. Those who have played the game will know why…

My least favourite route was Natsuki’s. I finished her route right after Hinata’s, and it’s just lacking. It’s a bit hard to put into words though.

This game was released as ‘Which Girl Should I Choose?’ by Mangagamer and it’s a must-play!

Koharu and Nanase

I’m sure that Koharu and Nanase will be happy to share the cake after you’ve finished with the game~


2 thoughts on “Hinatabokko Review

  1. Shizuma….was my favorite too……varies of reasons. LOL.
    I was like, oh there’s a gay route, might as well just go there even though I’m not into BL……and then BAM.
    And was like WOOOAAAHHH.
    I like that.

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