Ikoku Meiro no Croisée 02


I love how there is going to be this wonderful introduction each and every week.


I admire Yune for waking up so early to set the table every morning, even though it’s still dark outside.


Yune follows Oscar closely while he makes breakfast.


The cheese from breakfast is folded up in a tissue as Yune doesn’t want to waste food. It makes you think how we don’t really think twice about throwing excess food away these days.

Department Store

After observing Claude work for a while, they go out to the streets of Paris. They find out that Yune’s kimono has been bought by the family who runs the department store. Claude tells Yune that the Galerie and the store are enemies as they are putting people out of business.


Yune’s curiosity in the market is so adorable, especially carrying that large pumpkin.


The next morning, Oscar tells Claude to buy some bread. Yune wanted to go so they went together. Fresh bread is really nice~


Yune says that everything is delicious even though she doesn’t actually like it and Claude decides to question her about it. She says that she needs to learn to love the food to make delicious food for Claude and Oscar.


Yune and Oscar’s expression while eating dried plums.


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