I’m currently in China now in my Grandma’s house- it’s quite hot here but bearable. It’s also been raining a lot. The journey from the UK to China was a pretty long one- almost taking up 24 hours. I’m taking photos as I go along so when I come back, I’ll blog about my experience.

I’ll be attending ACGHK 2011 in Hong Kong as a normal conventioner and try to take back loots of stuff~ I’m gonna be travelling for a month so I’ll be back in August, see you then!


12 thoughts on “Holiday

    • Heyy =) And I guess it does =P The flight was alright- had travel sickness though and became a bit ill =/

      And yup, one month~

  1. ;_;, travel sickness during a 24h flight aint a good thing to catch D:.
    Hope you can still catch on Steins;gate during the holidays :3.
    Have fun~ !

  2. Nee, Senpai… I will be waiting for those pictures and blog posts!! At least you’re not getting drenched in our horrible weather back here >.<

    • Alrighties~ I’ll blog about it when I get back to London =D

      And I really would prefer the English weather- it’s really too hot here, like a sauna!

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