Mayor of London’s skyride


Today was the Mayor of London’s skyride- it was a day for the family to get out a ride a bike around London. The route started from London Bridge and ended at St James Park. It was a 7.2 mile ride one-way and it was pretty exhausting at times, especially at slants.

It was fun riding with my mum- she was riding my brother’s old BMX bike and people were curious as to why she was riding that bike. We also have a yellow bike which is medium-sized, but we couldn’t use it for today.


3 thoughts on “Mayor of London’s skyride

  1. Wowies. You’ve been busy! Too bad I didn’t hear about this event earlier. I would have taken one of my Uncle’s nice bikes xD (My mountain bike is a failure)

    Anyways it’s a great way to make use of this decent weather and benefit from the wind, eh? :]

    • Haha, that was probably one of the only things I’ve done all Summer xD

      And it would have been nice if you came along too :3 Maybe next year? =D

      The wind was more against us than riding with the wind xD It was raining a lot yesterday but it gradually became sunnier :3

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