Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 00


The manga version of this episode made me laugh so much, but it just wasn’t the same while watching it. It was really short and I guess you can say that it served no purpose at all.

This episode was basically a daydream, but it kept on panning back to the hot pot. Of course there was a reason for that- the hot pot was something that everyone contributed to but it turned out very disgusting. Also, Yozora and Sena (Meat) aren’t friends in real life. Sena’s actually quite popular with the fans, but my favourite character is Kobato (Kodaka’s imouto).

My brother also asked whether ‘aniki’ (Kodaka) was a boy or girl- I told him to ask whether the one handing Kodaka a drink (Yukimura) was a boy or a girl instead. I shouldn’t ruin it for you, but the fact spread pretty early in the manga.


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