Nisemonogatari 02

Fire Sisters
Fire Sisters

Araragi gives a proper introduction to his sisters- also known as the Fire Sisters and how they fight for justice like a game.

Nadeko's Room

So, he arrives at Nadeko’s house and her parents are out.


‘There’s no other choice than to take off your jacket.’

King's Game
King's Game

‘Koyomi-oniichan, let’s play King’s Game.’
‘The King’s words are law.’

Araragi asks whether she knows what it is and ends up playing the Game of Life and Twister. Unfortunately her parents come home early.


He doesn’t know what to do now, so calls Kanbaru to help her clean her room. While on the phone, she starts taking her clothes off. Araragi complains but Kanbaru states that it’s her room and that she can do anything she likes.


‘I forgot to close the door and my grandma just walked by.’


‘Onii-chan, who do you think I am?’

On the way there, he runs into Karen walking on her hands and has a brief conversation.

Araragi finally arrives and see Kanbaru naked and depressed. She gets dressed. He comments on how long her hair has grown- at least 5 cm. She says it’s because she’s perverted.


‘I thought that peperochino was a dirty word.’


Araragi tells Kanbaru to wear her old basketball top and Kanbaru gets nostalgic. ‘It’s this feeling, Araragi-kun.’


While cleaning, Araragi tells Kanbaru that she’s not as perverted. I found it really cute when she tries to defend her ‘perverted-ness’.


To prove her pervertness- see above. Now you know how Hachikuji feels.


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