Kana Hanazawa -Taipei City Mall Mascot, Rion- Translation


Rion is voiced by Kana Hanazawa

Nice to meet you, ‘da jia hao’~~!

I am Taipei City Mall’s mascot; Rion.

I’m 12 years old!

Taipei City Mall is a constantly busy place; everyday is sunny and full of energy.

Everyone says that I’m like sunshine, because I make people feel warm inside, it’s very cute~ …listening to that makes me feel embarrassed…

My hobby is collecting teru teru bouzu.

Each teru teru bouzu is full of my luck.

The people in Taipei City Mall are always happy; like the sky.

One day, in front of a shop, there was a really bright teru teru bouzu…

It was unlike any other teru teru bouzu, so I brought it!

From then on we do stuff together!

We’ll protect the smile of Taipei City Mall!!

Rion 2

Taipei City Mall

Taipei City Mall- your happy & funny shopping!


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