Starry☆Sky~in Spring~


Starry Sky is probably the most well-known otome game, which even has an anime. The all-star cast (Daisuke Ono, Hikaru Midorikawa and Tomokazu Sugita) is the highlight of the game.


You play as the protagonist Tsukiko- the only girl in the all boys school which specialises in astronomy.

Yoh 2

Yoh is a student who transferred near the beginning of the spring holidays. He’s half French, half Japanese and is very romantic and straightforward in treating Tsukiko well, especially in front of Suzuya and Kanata.

Suzuya 2

Suzuya is one of Tsukiko’s childhood friends (along with Kanata) and he’s an excellent cook. He constantly makes bentos for the three (now four) characters. Also very kind (and voiced by Daisuke Ono).

Kanata 2

Kanata can be quite troublesome because he gets into fights from time to time, and gets bad grades. Despite that, he can be quite cute *coughtsunderecough*. Kanata enjoys taking pictures and aims to be an astro-photographer.

Starry☆Sky~in Spring~ was my first ever otome game- and I couldn’t imagine playing anything better. I pretty much fell in love with all three boys *blushes* but Suzuya was definitely my favourite, although he can be quite overprotective.

You can even get married! As Yui said in Angel Beats!, marriage can be a huge dream for girls *tears of joy*. Starry☆Sky~in Spring~ is a MUST PLAY- and the Starry☆Sky series (which includes Summer, Autumn and Winter as well as fandisks for each season) may be licensed by JAST (needs seiyuu agreements). So maybe you can see Starry☆Sky gaining more popularity in the Western world, hopefully.


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