Katawa Shoujo


The story starts off in a Winter’s day, and the protagonist (Hisao) received a love letter and was told to meet Iwanako (a girl from the same class). However, things don’t turn out ‘right’ like your normal bishojo-ge.


Katawa Shoujo is about the story of a protagonist which has arrhythmia. This condition is simply when the heart beats irregularly- but it can be fatal. Hisao is forced to move to Yamaku High School after learning of this, during Iwanako’s confession.


The school has other people around his age, and has its own facilities.


If I remember correctly, the first duo that you encounter is Shizune (left) and Misha (right). Shizune is the Student Council President and is very competitive. Misha is bubbly and doesn’t have her own route. I think she has a decent amount of time in Shizune’s route though.

When I saw the movie, I instantly thought of Higurashi’s Mion and Shion. Unfortunately, the drama here wasn’t as good, and Shizune’s relationship with Hisao was still quite close to friendship more than anything else because the romantic aspect seemed to be quite forced. Also, it was more like a ‘love line’ rather than a ‘love triangle’.



She and Lily have been arch-enemies, and goes constantly goes head-to-head against one another because of their differences.


However, they are still able to go fishing peacefully enough.


Emi is the star runner of the school, despite loosing both her legs in an accident.


She’s your typical genki girl and is fun to hang around with.


Her friendship with Rin is quite strange though- most of the time she doesn’t even know what Rin is talking about but you can see how close they are together.

Emi’s route was certainly full of drama is quite a good route in general.


Rin enjoys paintings and paints her feelings which she can’t properly convey into words. I feel that her cutscene video is quite beautiful and relates back to the story with the dandelion and the plot.

Art Club

Hisao joins an art club where Rin usually hangs out.



Her route (and her language in general) may be a bit difficult to follow but seeing the end of the route is quite worthwhile.


There’s also a Kenji route- he’s lives across your room and talks a lot. He’s even more confusing than Rin and I suggest that you should get his route out of the way, so that Katawa Shoujo doesn’t leave you empty.


Lily’s route (in my opinion) was the best route. You can see the romantic development between Hisao and Lily and they make a really good couple.


The CGs in Lily’s route takes your breath away.


And out of all the pairs of girls, Lily and Hanako have a really heart-warming relationship. It’s like a mother (Lily) and daughter (Hanako)- they’re friends and also help each other out in times of need.


Last but not least is Hanako, my favourite character from Katawa Shoujo. She’s an avid reader and can be quite shy, but she slowly comes out of her shell. She has scars from a fire, which happened when she was younger.


She enjoys occasionally playing chess with Lily, and also snooker. She also likes reading in the library, and silences with her are never awkward.


Overall, Katawa Shoujo is an amazing game even though the art is inconsistent (but that’s what you expect from having quite a few artists). The music is beautiful and you can get the album here.

When I first heard about it, I was put off with the idea. But when it came out, everyone was hyped and I knew that I had to try it- I was glad that I gave it a go. It leaves you with a different perspective and the characters are able to overcome challenges despite their disabilities.


If you haven’t played Katawa Shoujo yet, you can find it here. It’s a must play- and H-scenes can be disabled. After completion, you can unlock a bonus CG for your achievement.

EDIT: Removed a few CGs because the page was loading a bit slow for me and I’ve received comments on the amount of pictures in the post. Also added a bit of text.


9 thoughts on “Katawa Shoujo

  1. And also, I encourage you to join our eroge blogosphere. There’s already too many anime blogs out there, and we the VN people always welcome more comrades. Not only because we’re lonely, I swear. 😀

    BTW, I noticed some Chinese subs in your other posts. GO us chinks!

  2. Nice review. I became a fan of KS shortly after the demo for act 1 was released and followed it like a hawk until its completion. Even did a review post about it myself, although my only experience with visual novels were Fate/stay night, Ever17, and Katawa Shoujo.

    • Thank you- I remember hearing about Katawa Shoujo and quickly forgot about it. But everyone was hyping about it so I played it; it really is a good VN.

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