planetarian ~ちいさなほしのゆめ~


planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~ is a kinetic novel by Key- the makers of Air, Kanon, CLANNAD and Little Busters! and a few more.


There was a great war which took many lives, and after that, the Rain (acid rain) started to fall. Till this very day, it hasn’t stopped. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the protagonist (a Junker, who collects items and weapons) meets Reverie (a robot) in a sarcophagus city.


The Junker finds shelter in a planetarium and is greeted by Reverie as the 2,500,000th customer of the Flowercrest Planeterium. During his stay, he discovers that Miss Jena (the projector) is broken. Surprisingly, the electricity hasn’t been cut off in the planetarium so he attempts to fix it.


Fortunately, after days of hard work he is able to fix the projector. Reverie gives a special talk on the starry sky- something which the protagonist has only heard of. She wishes that the customers of the planetarium never forget the starry sky they saw, even if technology allows us to reach the stars someday.

Music Mode

Overall, planetarian is an amazing game- there’s not many CGs but the backgrounds are very detailed. Also, I’ve grown attached to the theme Gentle Jena (which I’ll link at the end of this post). It’s a very gentle theme and you can’t help but think of the starry skies which Reverie showed the Junker.

It is a short and emotional story, and my dream is for you to play this amazing visual novel and treasure this in your heart for eternity.



5 thoughts on “planetarian ~ちいさなほしのゆめ~

  1. I like this review because it tells you all you have to know about the game, nothing more nothing less. You, this review’s reader, are introduced to the main characters and this introduction is made well because you are not told too much or too much little about them. You are told about what they have to do and why they have to do it. And i like the choice of the musical theme that you have linked because i think it reflects what this game has left in you. Hoping in other your good reviews, I just can say Good job.

  2. Only you can pull off something like this. More images than text. 😀

    Yes, I heard it’s a fantastic and short game, but I also heard it’s a sad story, so I’m unlikely to play it. I need my happy endings!

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