Anime Reverse Harem

Aquaspirit suggested that I should do a reverse harem post too- so here it is. There’s only 3 husbandos + 1 butler, will be updated when I think of someone else. Also added Yuki Nagato to the Anime Harem.

Warning: may contain spoilers.


Itsuki Koizumi – Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu

DAISUKI ONO. His voice just melts my heart and Itsuki’s just so mysterious too. And I felt really bad for him in Shoushitsu (but he didn’t go well with Haruhi anyways).


Rintarou Okabe – STEINS;GATE

I AM MAD SCIENTIST. Okarin puts the people most precious to him first, even if it meant endlessly looping time.


Koyomi Araragi – Monogatari series

Laid-back personality, has a strong sense of justice, can be cool and cares deeply for the people he cares about.


Butler: Hayate Ayasaki – Hayate no Gotoku!

He already has plenty of experience with an otaku master, and it’s fun to make him cross-dress. N-not that I would do that, of course.


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