Juniper’s Knot

A short kinetic novel crafted in a month by Dischan, Juniper’s Knot is a story told from dual perspectives: that of a demon and a boy. It begins on an autumn morning in a silent town.

A lost boy comes across a demon in a deserted place where she is bound. It’s been years since she’s last seen a person, and the demon is desperate to hear a story from the boy.


Main Menu

The system is quite slick and the text is easy to read. Extras can be unlocked once you’ve finished the game.

I like that the speech bubble changes colour with who is currently talking, and the ‘camera’ shifts around so that the reader feels that they’re at the scene.

Save Slots

There’s only three save slots- but you pretty much only need one since Juniper’s Knot isn’t very long and lacks choices.


The music in general adds nicely to the atmosphere- especially to dramatic scenes.

Juniper’s Knot was recommended to me by Guy-kun who helped port it over to iOS.

It was a short VN but it was worth playing- I was almost in tears in some parts. I would definitely recommend it too for those who are looking for a great storyline.


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