Cats, Tea and Twitter


As some of you may have realised, I have left Twitter for a while. I’m sorry that I didn’t really explain my absence until now.

I didn’t realise how much coursework there was in all of my modules- 2 team projects, and 2 individual pieces of work (Object Orientated Analysis and Design urghh). Before that I was already falling behind with anime- haven’t even finished the first episode of Little Busters!

This post was created for conversations (if you guys want to talk about anything). And I heard about Hurricane Sandy yesterday- stay safe!


4 thoughts on “Cats, Tea and Twitter

    • *running hug* \o/ Only for now orz

      Really *tilts head* It seemed sorta sudden to me;;

      And I was gonna use Fumi as a normal icon, but only made it black & white to indicate that I was going to be inactive w

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