Grisaia no Kajitsu PSP Commemorative Events


The next one broadcast will be a Grisaia v Little Busters! event. It will take place next Wednesday and will be broadcasted on NicoNico at 8:30pm JPT, and will be featuring Tachibana Chizuru and Kamikita Komari. The presenter will be Tamiyasu Tomoe (Rin, Riki & Sasami from LB!, Makina from Grisaia), assistant Nagasawa Yuuka and special guest Yanase Natsumi (Chihiro from ef, Komari from Little Busters!, Chizuru from Grisaia).

Rin and Komari

On the left is Natsume Rin (voiced by Tamiyasu), and the right is Kamikita Komari (voiced by Yanase) from Little Busters!~

Three questions are asked to the public every broadcast, and this time the questions are:

  1. 幼く見られがちな千鶴が、大人の女になるためにしたこととは?(グリザイアの果実)
  2. 小毬が、お菓子以外に屋上に隠しているものとは何?(リトルバスターズ!)
  3. 絶対嫌だ!学生からの猛反対で採用されなかった、学園長の千鶴が考えた校則とは?(グリザイアの果実)
  4. 画像を見て考えて下さい。鈴と小毬が会話をしています。何と言っている?(リトルバスターズ!)

To answer these questions, simply Tweet the answers to @grisaia_nico with your answer, then the hashtag #grisaia_nico along with the question you wish to answer; an example of your Tweet would be @grisaia_nico Answer #grisaia_nico1.


Team Grisaia: 30.5%, Team Litbus!: 24.1%, Both: 41.1%, Don’t Know: 4.3%

Grisaia v Litbus!

Grisaia v Litbus! Vocal Song Medley

終末のフラクタル – Faylan
Little Busters! – Rita
Skip – Chata
鈴の密かな恋の唄 – Tamiyasu Tomoe
この日のままで – Nana
猫と硝子と円い月 – Tamiyasu Tomoe
迷いの森 – Satou Hiromi
Raison – Suzuki Keiko
ホログラフ – eufonius
沙耶の眠れるレクイエム – Sakurai Harumi
Home – Hashimoto Miyuki
Alicemagic – Rita

Tamiyasu & Yanase

Special guest: Yanase Natsumi as Chizuru (Grisaia) & Komari (Litbus!)


Special guest: Mizuhashi Kaori as Michiru


Special guest: Taguchi Hiroko as Amane


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