Enjoying Live Events on NicoNico


Firstly you have to be signed into NicoNico. If you don’t have an account, you can register for one here. Go to the event that you’d like to Timeshift– this means that you can watch events after it has been broadcasted for a limited amount of time (normal members) or any time you want (premium members). Normal members can only Timeshift up to 10 events whereas it’s 30 for premium. Also if the event passes a certain amount of people, free members will get kicked out (I find that pressing the Back button gets me back in, although you might get kicked out several times). There are also events which are for premium members only- but you can watch lots of things even without one. I would highly recommend Timeshifting events as soon as you know about them, just in case you forget to watch it live.

Click on Reserve Timeshift and these confirmation screens should appear.

If you go on your Nico Live My Page then you’ll be able to see what you have Timeshifted, and you can watch the events from there after it’s broadcasted. Some events have a limited amount of views you can watch it using Timeshift so read carefully.

Community Broadcasts

To go on to a community page, you can click on the links on the left under Community Info. Click on Join This Community and follow through.

You should now see upcoming broadcasts from communities you have joined and Timeshift from there. You will also get emails when they have a broadcast.

Channel Broadcasts

Pretty much a similar process here- go to the Channel page and click on お気に入り登録.

The star should turn yellow to show that you’ve added the Channel to favourites.

It should now show up in your Nico Live My Page. Notice how Channels are in yellow and Communities are in blue.

Region Locking

Some events such as watching anime are restricted inside certain countries (mainly Japan). You’ll see this message if you go to the video page.


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