Dysfunctional Systems Episode 1: Learning to Manage Chaos


Dysfunctional Systems is a series of visual novels by Dischan, which tells the story of Winter Harrison who travels to mediate the chaos in different worlds. Episode 1 shows her second adventure as a mediator.


The visual novel itself was certainly interesting; you have a system (Codex) which you can access for information on the world and reading it will give you more guidance to your choices in the game. The choices do require more thought than in other visual novels. It was shorter than I expected (completed it in ~1h30m) but lurking through Dischan’s forums tells me that the other episodes will be longer.


Having the story told by the inexperienced Winter certainly made me empathise with the story more, since she raises questions that the reader might also have about the world and Cyrus’ (her mentor) actions. She’s also a strong-willed character which admirable.


The soundtrack comes free with the purchase of Dysfunctional Systems and fits in very well with the futuristic setting. The songs usually start off with a simple riff then more momentum is added as it progresses. It’s simplistic but effective.


The main reason why I enjoy playing Dischan’s visual novels is because of their system presentation; it’s very slick and is presented in 720p. The extras in the game are the illustrations (which also includes guest and promotional art), concept art, jukebox and the opening. After you complete the game, you get to save a profile to carry on to the other episodes.

If you’d like to play the game, you can buy it in the Dischan Store for $5.


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