If My Heart Had Wings Demo

Title Screen

So I decided to take some time out from studying to play the demo of If My Heart Had Wings, or Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa wo Hirogete. The news of the localization was certainly quite unexpected.

Despite that the translation was pretty literal, it was enjoyable as I felt a connection with the heroines (especially Kotori) despite the short amount of time. The art was picturesque as described by the protagonist, and the music was generally calm and uplifting. The system was nice to navigate around, and also included shortcuts along with customisable mouse gestures. I found that I wasn’t able switch to window mode even though there was an option for it, but that wasn’t a large problem. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that the opening was subbed.

It’d be interesting to see where this localization of If My Heart Had Wings by Moenovel goes in terms of future VN localizations to the West. You can read more about Moenovel over at VNTLS.

Notes: I realised that the price for preordering the hardcopy for If My Heart Had Wings was only $34.99 on Play-Asia and $34/95 on JBOX compared to the usual Japanese retail price, which is currently 8480 Yen ($83.51) on Amazon JP and 6780 Yen ($66.77) on Getchu (sale and conversion prices correct to time of writing). This raises a few concerns as to how many copies Pulltop has projected to sell, to even see some profit to make up for the costs of localization and the difference in price. This might be even more difficult since the visual novel is all-ages.


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