Another Dead or Alive 5?

With the recent reports of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate being announced, the teaser trailer featured Momiji, a Ninja Gaiden character. While it’s nice that Tecmo Koei is listening to the fans’ demands, I find this situation awkward given that this release may as well completely nullify the vanilla Dead or Alive 5 entirely.

Aerial specific combos seem like an interesting mechanic, though it probably doesn’t differ too much from the Izuna Drop.

Is this game an expansion? Is it a new release? Is it more DLC content? Out of those three possibilities, the first and last ones can likely be weeded out. But then again, with the last video promotion of Kasumi in paradise gear at a beach, that ended up being a gravure video DLC. If Momiji ends up being character DLC, then Tecmo Koei broke their promise of having no character DLC. On the other hand, if this is released as a new game, then this tactic would circumvent breaking that promise, but would still anger fans.

Now if it is a new game entirely, isn’t this like the Capcom effect of new releases? This is eerily similar to what happened when Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 was released: it completely negated the inferior Marvel vs Capcom 3. While the game certainly retained its popularity, the sting for shelling out the initial release at full price was quite penalizing. The same is happening with Dead or Alive 5. I feel like Tecmo Koei is milking the fanbase consider how the amount of merchandise for Dead or Alive 5 is far greater than previous versions. It’s an unfortunate modern trend of gaming, but it’s sad to see it on a more niche title.

Dead or Alive series isn’t unfamiliar with new edition releases or having a game released about a year after a previous installment. However, for the older Ultimate or Hardcore editions, those were due to production dissatisfaction and Ultimate versions were made years after the original and on different consoles. For previous Dead or Alive, majority had been launch games, had no DLC, and had loads of content. I suppose one can think of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate potentially shoring up all the holes Dead or Alive 5 had. Mind you, the gameplay was fine, but the content certainly appeared lazy and boring despite some technical improvements.

I feel that Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate was announced a bit too soon. From an industry standpoint, the timing couldn’t be better, especially if it were to release in the fall since Tecmo Koei is rekindling an interest in a somewhat dead game.

  1. Dead or Alive 5 is about $20 on retail since it’s been out for at least 6 months, so rekindling interest on it is timely.
  2. I feel like anyone who purchased Dead or Alive 5 essentially got duped whether it’s the pricing or the content.
  3. Releasing the Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate edition one year after the vanilla release gives the impression that Dead or Alive 5 was in fact, an incomplete game. Nobody ever wants to buy something that cheats them by giving the incomplete feeling.

At least it’s nice to know that Tecmo Koei actually fulfilled some of their intended promises. If Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is indeed another game, sure you piss off a lot of people by nullifying their vanilla Dead or Alive 5 copy, but you do actually keep the promise of having no DLC characters, as this is actually the only way to provide the demanded characters. Not only that, but this is also a way to make certain demanded characters, stages, and costumes available without making them DLC. This circumvents the DLC being expensive issue, but if you think about it, even if Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate was only say $30, that’s still more expensive than if the additional content was DLC in the first place! Oh what brilliant marketing this is. They minimize the actual information on the newer game and present a few obvious visuals on characters fans demanded.

Well, a trailer only says so much. The promises sound good on paper, but let’s see what gets delivered come this fall. Other than new stages, new costumes, and new characters, I don’t see much else to get excited over. I might just skip on this if I’m not too interested on the new additions.


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