Japan Expo Preliminary Phase

Well, there hasn’t been an update for over a month now, mainly due to a combination of holidays and conventions. However, with the Fall season around the corner, there’s quite a bit of things to look forward to!

Greetings everyone! At Neko’s Shiritori we have been granted the opportunity to cover Japan Expo as press. Although Japan Expo has been run for many years, this is the first time it is run in Santa Clara! Naturally since Amoirsp lives in California, the attempt to attend this convention is significantly more doable.

Japan Expo already has been impressive getting a good lineup of guests. Since this convention is not with an anime tag, we honestly feel like this will be closer to my experience at Pacific Media Expo rather than Fanime or Anime Expo. This is also relieving since it’ll grant a different experience, and possibly have more focus on Japanese culture. This convention may also avoid being subject to being too big or crowded, since this is the first time it will be run in the United States.


Sefa Entertainment, the corporation that Japan Expo is run under has granted us the opportunity to review a Biken product. The product we were provided is a figure representing a samurai. Our first impression of this product is similar to when Amoirsp took an Arts of Asia class and studied the Terracotta Army. This figure has an interesting design where there’s plenty of flexibility to move joints.

Biken’s website can be found at http://www.ichizo.co.jp/english.html

Biken Samurai

The crafting is particularly impressive. While we cannot distinguish the actual material used, the item was certainly sturdy and has many adjustable parts. A use we can find it for is someone who enjoys Japanese culture and possesses the entire set which has been in production since 2008.

Japan Expo will be open in Santa Clara through the weekend of August 23 – 25. Please look forward to the event!


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