Japan Expo Imminent

These past few months have been extremely busy for us in real life. With exams, work, and various other stuff to take care of, it has been difficult for us to get together to post synonymously. We’ve had posts that we wanted to write on but just didn’t have a chance, so look forward to reading those!

Here are some next topics we intend to cover in the near future based on current events and requests.

  1. Japan Expo.
  2. Japan trip.
  3. Paris trip.
  4. Atelier Ayesha Alchemy.
  5. Saya no Uta review.

The first report we are interested in is the upcoming Japan Expo. Here’s a small subset of what we intend to do:

  1. Interview 4 different guests, each one covering an aspect of the Expo itself, music, game composing, and character designing.
  2. Review the Biken product from the previous post and familiarize ourselves with them at the exhibition the items are featured at.
  3. Procure a post review of Japan Expo and the overall experience.

The potential is both exciting and unknown, as Japan Expo already has a good history of it existing in France for many years, while it is a first in Santa Clara for everyone involved.

What particularly interests us about Japan Expo is the larger emphasis on more Japanese culture related themes. While we’re certain we will see the usual amount of anime fanfare we saw in other California conventions, we expect a more culture based, traditional type of convention.

That isn’t to say this convention is without exhibitions and booths. From the fresh start we gather there will also be interesting deals and items to buy at the convention. Amoirsp will proactively see what various events are available and attend ones that can be allocated to with limited time.

Unfortunately while there is much to prepare for, there isn’t too much else for us to say until we experience the convention directly. Anything at this point is speculation and we’d rather flesh out what ends up happening there rather than theorize what we will anticipate.


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