Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate GameFAQs Tournament

This past weekend I participated in a GameFAQs Beginner and Intermediate tournament hosted by Grimm’s Gaming. The video can be found at his YouTube channel.

Honestly, I thought the environment was extremely positive. The tournament was quick and efficient, being a single elimination where each fight is a best 3 out of 5. In order to gather an even skill set of people who would like to play the game, the organizer made it clear that the player skill was not to be at an actual tournament level so they won’t get completely steamrolled by significantly better players online.

Players who won more and went further in the tournament had more matches played, while those who were eliminated early on had a desire to play more. Several matches went down to the 5th game, and while there were plenty of sweeps in the opening matches, every player had the opportunity to make moves and not get completely nullified by his or her opponent. After the tournament, I sparred with a few players and had a lot of fun as the matchups were more even.

I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this. The arrangement took some work to find a matching time, and definitely worked out extremely well. It would be nice if arrangements by these hosts of tournaments can be made with Tecmo Koei to be able to deliver small prizes to the winners, such as a DLC outfit code. The costs would be small enough to be negligible, while the enjoyment and greater amount of play would progress the game’s activity some more.

I’m looking forward to the next intended tournament of this type.


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