Ramen Festival Weekend

Neko’s Shiritori decided to attend Ramen Festival for the first time! Seriously, who can say no to a large selection of ramen to choose from?

We joined Complexwish at her booth again to gain a stronger understanding of the vendor viewpoint. Across from our table were food snack vendors and a sword exhibitor. A lot of snacks such as Pocky were given out for free. For your viewing pleasure, the sword exhibitor performed sword play.

Ramen Festival utilized an interesting ticket system, where a ticket can be purchased for $8 to be used at any major ramen vendor. This concentrates all the cash into one central location, and is easier to keep track of sales due to counting the number of tickets used.

Unfortunately eating ramen for an entire weekend was difficult to do, so we were only able to try out about 5 different ramen. We started off with KOHMEN ramen, seeing how it was spicy and had a #1 advertisement on it, it did not disappoint. All the way from Ikebukuro, Tokyo, the KOHMEN ramen had killer tonkatsu and just the right amount of spice.

KOHMEN ramen

Next we had a local RAMEN SEA, from local Sunnyvale on Murphy Street. Just as the name implies, there were clams in this one! This bowl was also a lot less salty, so it ended up being among our favorites.


We spoke with members of the Ramen Festival who asked us for some suggestions. While the ramen aspect was perfectly fine, the venue was quite large enough to support many more vendors and artists. We merely suggested they provided information for such opportunities sooner and more openly. We feel that the Ramen Festival was intended to be an open environment to enjoy ramen, come in and out, and shop with vendors. As it is relatively new, the turnout was by no means bad, and we greatly look forward to its potential growth.

Since the ramen bowls were small, it wasn’t very filling, so we snacked on smaller items such as an Okonomiyaki and Fried Squid combo. The okonomiyaki was extremely filling while the fried squid was best when cooked fresh. The combo deal to get both items for $8 directly matched the ramen price and was an excellent alternative to ramen.

Okonomiyaki and 3 Fried Squid Combo

We celebrated Ramen Festival by having Complexwish draw Takane (an Idolm@ster character who loves ramen) wearing Shoukaku’s outfit in Kancolle since both characters have white/silver hair.

Boat Takane


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