Interviews with Danielle McRae and Cas Anvar

We had the opportunity to get quick open interviews with voice actors Danielle McRae and Cas Anvar during SacAnime Summer 2015.

Interview with Danielle McRae

What was a major difference between VAing for a game that was developed in the US as opposed to a Japanese game? Has there been a different mentality between the two? One’s existing and one is created here.

I’ve only done work for two Japanese games; one being Atelier Escha and the other Earth Defense Force. Escha was plotted out like a script and didn’t have a dub, but for Earth Defense Force I had to follow a Japanese audio reference. For Western Games, this had to be done line by line. One day we’d do speaking lines, the next a battle day where our voices go out with all the screaming and yelling. We usually have this done on a Friday or Saturday.

The people playing the game don’t get to see the dubbing on the video and our body motions. For anime there’s body language, but for video games everything is out of context. “Battle line 1 – 40 go!” Everything else is in our head and we have to imagine. We think about who we are talking to and how far away; as shown when we yell or whisper.

How was recording Karma like? How does it feel to have voiced a character for a rising game still in its infacy at the time, and still have the same lines exerted in its now popular state?

It was me pretty much me recording all my voices. In one day record all of the attack and dying voices and that’s it.

When I did my recording for League of Legends, it was a game that was new at the time. I don’t know if I’m doing this right. When the character came out, I went on YouTube, and read all the comments. I thought “yeah, I should stay away from here.” It was really fun to voice Karma.


Interview with Cas Anvar

What is your favorite game?

Gosh, um…I, I guess I’ve been sucked into Skyrim. I loved Diablo, and Diablo 2 was so different from Diablo. When Diablo came out, and that was like feeding a drug addict like pure cocaine, right? So after Diablo a lot of new games came out. A lot of games had good flavor but Diablo was like a nostalgia, my favourite game of all. I would get myself lost in that game with its music. It was gut-wrenching and scary, I loved it. The cutscenes were amazing. Diablo would be my favorite for all of those reasons.

What series have you been involved with recently?

Like how I’ve been from Assassin’s Creed Revelation, I’ve been in Halo 4, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Command and Conquer Innovations. Played in Lost, Phantom, Source Code, Timeline, Neverland, Argo recently, and shooting a new scifi series called Olympus which hasn’t aired yet, which will be an epic event for scifi series starting in 2015 and having a blast.

Cas Anvar finds the Assassin Creed fanbase really unique in which they know about the finest details within the game. In a way they challenge him in knowing his stuff in the series. It has helped him prepare in other roles to truly understand the background of the games he voice in. Thus, he really enjoys attending conventions and interacting with the fans as he can relate.

We thank SacAnime for bringing these guests to the group interview and look forward to seeing more of their works in the future.


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