Super Sac Con Review

Super Sac Con Review

Back in October 18 we at Neko Shiritori were thrilled to return to Sacramento a second time to observe the full extent of the Sacramento Convention as a whole. Super Sac Con is a comic focused segment of Sac Con.

We chimed in with some local Sacramento artists to find more information about any changes between this Super Sac Con and the last. Super Sac Con is the only 2 day event of an otherwise quarterly event. As far as location is concerned, it is the same location: Scottish Rite Masonic Center at 6151 H Street, Sacramento 95819. It definitely has a much different feel than the hotel and con center, yet also feels very focused in terms of being an excellent venue to visit and navigate. The location itself is good as it is not far off of several key roads.

Although Super Sac Con is nowhere near the size of SacAnime, we personally enjoyed the smaller feel. We had sufficient time to actively seek the events without missing out from time conflicts or long lines. The first positive is budget. It was roughly $10 to get in on both days, $12 if you were an early bird. Access to specific guests that were there was pretty good.

The structure of the convention was pretty simple. There’s the entrance room, artist alley further down, a feature comic room to the left, the dealers’ room even further to the left, and up the stairs was a gaming section. Panels were held in the further back rooms. What we liked the most was the public announcement broadcasts. This allowed us to be actively informed of locations of events and times. Visually speaking, seeing all the comic artists and their works was amazing. Mere pictures don’t make up for the live interaction.

Dealers Hall

Dealers Hall

We attended Bordin Marsinkul’s copic marker panel and enjoyed his explanations on how to utilize these expensive markers and various techniques to generate unique visuals. Techniques included flicking colors using folded papers, using spray cans, and decisions on color choices to start with the light before using darker colors for shading effects. We also got to see him draw live within a 20 minute time frame a two faced Batman-Joker picture. He ran a booth and had onsite commissions available for $25.

Boldin Marsinkul

Boldin Marsinkul

Super Sac Con was also home to the first live USPS Batman postage stamp presentation in the West coast. The release was to celebrate the Dark Knight’s 75th anniversary. The sets come in 20 with 8 unique designs.

USPS Batman Postage

USPS Batman Postage

Food selection was good! Not only were there a good variety of food trucks, but they also changed between the two days. We settled with consuming Wandering Boba on the first day, grabbing milk tea and popcorn chicken. We also ate at Drewski’s Famous Grilled-Cheese, going for their famous tots. Several of these food trucks travel throughout California, so don’t be surprised to see them at your next convention. The convention itself had food as well, and it was easily accessible.

Wandering Boba

Wandering Boba

For those that want to select a nearby restaurant, Cafe Rolle is not far from the Masonic Center and is highly recommended. We have personally enjoyed the food possibilities in Sacramento and have much more to try out.

Cosplay variety was good. Our personal favorite was this Catbus we encountered. Since this convention was comic focused, we were surprised to see cosplay of various comic book characters that we did not see in other conventions this year.



This event was definitely suitable for local residents in Sacramento. If there’s a specific guest a person wants to see here, the opportunity is pretty good. We like the more laid back environment as it is not stressful. Entry and exit is seamless, so going in and out was very convenient.

Although our schedule conflict did not allow us to return to Sac Con in December, we do have plans to attend SacAnime Winter 2015 coming this January 2nd, 2015. Stay tuned!


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