Animation on Display 2015

Greetings from Neko’s Shiritori! Thanks to Dominic Nguyen, head of press relations of AOD, we were granted the opportunity to attend Animation on Display, located at the Hyatt Hotel in Burlingame!

AOD was held during January 31 to February 1st, the same weekend as the Super Bowl and Magic the Gathering Grand Prix in San Jose. Given that AOD was at the Hyatt Hotel, they had favorable deals for staying at the hotel for those who attended both days.

Our major motivation for attending AOD was to encounter p19, an illustrator and character designer that Sekai Project announced was coming from Japan. She is a bishoujo game illustrator of the brand Sweetlights and designed AOD’s mascot, as seen on the cover page of the guide. Her website can be accessed here. As it was her first time coming to America, she spent most of her time looking around.


Animation on Display had a distinct pavilion for gaming that featured a display of speed running on a big stage, which had a large variety of both current and old games. It was great surprise to see long time voice actors connecting with the attendees by playing Marvel vs Capcom 2.


For Panels we only had the time to watch p19. We got to see an excellent demonstration of p19’s drawing process on how she selects colors and molds a character to draw. During the Q&A session, p19 received questions which included her favorite Kancolle character, which step she finds the most challenging or least like, how long an illustration normally takes, and how she selects colors and style.

AOD has seen growth from last year. The Hyatt Hotel housed the attendees quite nicely, and the clear structure of their schedule lead to punctual events without congestion. It provides an excellent Bay Area feel, fitting for local residents and people coming to the Bay Area. We greatly enjoyed our time here and recommend people to attend AOD when opportunity arises. See you next time!


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