Toukiden: Kiwami Review

New Character - Reki

Welcome to Neko’s Shiritori game reviews! This week we had the opportunity to showcase Toukiden: Kiwami!

Toukiden: Kiwami is akin to a remake of Toukiden: The Age of Demons for the Playstation Vita. Toukiden has a Monster Hunter type feel mixed with the patterns commonly seen in Dynasty Warriors since this game is developed by none other than Omega Force. Although there may be a similar feeling with each game, there’s at least a narrative about being in a world where Oni (Youkai such as Demons, Devils, and Ogres) hide. This game utilizes a number of Japanese folklore, though despite the interesting premise, the story does not run very deep.

Toukiden: Kiwami marks a full console version of this game, a transition not often done. This game is akin to Bladestorm: Nightmare and how it was a PS4 expansion of the PS3 version. Much like Bladestorm: Nightmare, the character you control is a custom created character. There is also additional content from Kiwami itself, beyond what The Age of Demons provided. This trend by Koei Tecmo is an excellent push to get games out on the PS4 and provide expanded content. Not only that, but these games have a ring of familiarity as well as being different in genres. This game has a rather vast world rich in content, even if strategies may eventually appear stale with low variation to plow through the game. Motivations to progress through the story and reasoning behind needing to fend off and defeat various Oni comes with interesting reasons. At this time, Toukiden: Kiwami is among the fewest games that can play remotely like the wildly popular Monster Hunter, which this game somewhat falls under the same category.

The remake has some advantages with utilizing the PS4 strengths. For one, you can play Toukiden on a big screen rather than on a handheld. Although you trade mobility from playing on the go, you gain advantages with the visuals you can appreciate on screen. Features within the game include hunting for items, crafting, strategic ways to defeat Oni, etc. With so much action within the game, there’s plenty of hack and slash fix although there is a slow start.

There’s quite a number of new features in Toukiden: Kiwami such as multiplayer for up to four players, though you do not have full access to everything that you normally have in single player. There are also bonus features from carrying over original saved data from the Vita version.

Quite honestly these moves seem to be timely, considering this year has gone off explosively with rapid releases left and right. Looking at 2015, it is clear that Koei Tecmo is making a push to put forth all of their different game genres into the new system. A major advantage with this is the simple fact that the different platforms of past IP keep the series fresh and familiar to fans of the original.


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