fault milestone one Steam Review

fault milestone one is the first instalment from the fault series which was made by Alice in Dissonance, with English localisation by Sekai Project now available on Steam. There was a Kickstarter project in order to initially fund the localisation and improvement costs, with an Android and Vita port, artbook, and prequel SILENCE THE PEDANT as add-ons.

Set in a world where people can use manakravte (what we called magic), Princess Selphine Rughzenhaide and her Royal Guard Ritona Reighnvhasta are forced to evacuate the castle after it comes under attack by assassins. After their successful escape, they find themselves on the other side of the world with no easy way to get back. Eventually they stumble across a city named Kadia and befriend a girl called Rune. But what is she hiding, and who is she really?


It dedicates quite a bit of time to explain the world setting and how manakravte works, which is good but takes a while to understand. The everyday interactions between Selphine, Ritona and Rune are fun to read, and once the story rolled into action I found it difficult to stop reading.

The interface is simplistic and doesn’t take away from the beautiful CG, which you can view in Gallery after completion. The music was also nice to listen to, some of my favourite tracks include Oddless, Prelude and Homeward Bound.


Overall I’d definitely recommend the fault series if you’re looking for a fantasy-science adventure with occasional action scenes.

As a side note, the demo for fault milestone two has been released recently and just as I thought that the visuals couldn’t get any better, Alice in Dissonance have implemented a 3D camera system which makes a real difference to the experience.


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