Sakura Angels Review

Welcome to Neko’s Shiritori Reviews! In today’s post we will be looking at Sakura Angels which was developed by Winged Cloud. This marks the second game in the Sakura series after the incredibly successful Sakura Spirit and works as a standalone.

For those that do not know, although Sakura Angel is a visual novel, this was a game designed for the English market and is not a translation. Everything within the game was within expectation from the impressions given by the preview screens. The game is not voiced.

Sakura Angels

The general story for Sakura Angels is that the protagonist is special in some way such that he not only gets attacked by a magical girl, but also protected by two other ones. These four characters encompass all the relevant characters of the game.

Since the game is short, although it is not a kinetic novel, the choices causes so little variance that it is an overarching common route. The art was quite cute, exactly as what you see on the preview images. The music is straightforward and fit the mood throughout the game. The system was easy to navigate as the controls are like any other visual novel. Sakura Angels was a fun short read. There was definitely a fair share of cute behavior that is implemented just right.


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