Big Wow Comicfest 2015

Happy Spring everybody! Last month we had the honor of attending Big Wow Comicfest located in San Jose. At Big Wow we saw a big stage which featured Steve Wozniak presenting at a booth promoting Silicon Valley Comic Con. Big Wow will become part of the SVCC family, and the first SVCC will be March 19 and 20 in 2016, also held in the San Jose Convention Center.

We covered panels ranging from IDW to William Fisher, Adam Hughes, and Sanya Anwar. The coverage was for both artists and comic foundations. It was Sanya’s very first live demonstration so she was understandably nervous but provided useful tips on using copics, advice about colour palettes and spoke of her background in art.

Sanya Anwar's Copic Panel

Toshio Maeda shared his experiences as he was growing up. At 10 years old, his older brother taught him how to draw manga and at 16, he gave up going to high school and moved to Tokyo to become a professional manga artist. Toshio started out as a manga assistant for three years before making his debut, and his style was influenced by American comics such as Superman, Batman and Fantastic Four. He’ll also be at Anime Expo in Los Angeles in the summer.

IDW spoke about their upcoming releases and revealed that the first Steranko Artist’s Edition was nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Archival Collection/ Project. This marks the 5th year in a row to have a nomination in that category, having consecutively won four previous times.

Ultron and Groot

Attending the charity auction was quite the experience. Pizza was served to all attendees which fulfilled the dinner gap. Some of the finest comic drawings were seen going from prices in the hundreds to the thousands. The atmosphere was peaceful and laid back, which also meant activity was not too significant. Often the auction host kept encouraging people to bid. As a bidder you want as little activity as possible and the least contesting for items you want. This lead to funny moves such as the original artist winning his own bid since he knows he can sell it for more in the market. Kind of defeats the spirit of an auction, but no rules were broken.

The atmosphere at Big Wow was unparallelled. You can feel the closeness between the industry and the staff at how they are familiar with one another. The range of comic talent was intense, and accessibility to view and commission these talents were within grasp. We look forward to next year’s show at Silicon Valley Comic Con at the San Jose Convention Center.


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