Love at First Sight Steam Review


Love at First Sight is an unvoiced visual novel by FreakilyCharming and licensed by Sekai Project. It tells the story of the protagonist Fukunaga Mamoru, who stumbles across a mysterious one-eyed girl covered in bruises crying on the stairs leading to the rooftop. He becomes adamant to make friends with her, but it won’t be easy to get her to open up to him.

Overall the game is a short and sweet play (it took me just less than two hours to read through including the extras), even without being a huge ‘monster girl’ fan I definitely enjoyed reading through Love at First Sight. There was a short animation in between each act, and a reasonable amount of music involved. The extras presented a great amount of content which was certainly unexpected for a visual novel of this length, which involves the usual gallery and jukebox, along with short afterstories and small samples of old artwork and possible scenarios. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who’s into a quick heartwarming story.


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