Fanime 2015 – Keoicorp’s Side


I wasn’t sure what to expect at Fanime 2015 like any other convention, except I know that Fanime always has lots of interesting panels, excitement, laughter and amazing cosplay, making it one of the best anime communities there ever was! Seriously year after year I meet the most amazing people, it was one convention I never have regret going to.

I must say Fanime has improved so much since 2014 on how attendees get their badges; the new system allowed people to get their badges within 15 minutes during peak hours which is phenomenal. There was a decent amount of people on Friday but rapidly increased by the evening. As crowds flooded the convention center there were two things for certain: lots of cosplay pictures and new friends to meet. As I ran around to capture the moment as much as possible, there was so much going on, so much to see, and so much to embrace.

After going around taking photos, a short break was in order. I headed into the artist alley to check out what new things these creative minds have created, and I saw a lot of familiar faces. As the day grew darker, I set out again to see what the swap meet had to offer. It was quite busy and people were selling the most interesting and rare things there.

Like every great con there are people who never sleeps, and what did Fanime with night owls? They have a game room which is full of events; which stocked everything from cards, table tops, arcades, and of course video games on both console and PC so there was always something to do in here. For the highly competitive, they had many tournaments to choose from all weekend. It wasn’t the only way to see who’s the best but there were also plenty of grudge matches to be had.

If playing games all night isn’t your thing but a dance floor is then you could head right over to the Fanime dance! They had you covered for all types of dance music and many were anime related! But if you are like me and don’t really care for dancing then there is always the video room! Yes I watched stayed in nostalgia room for 2 hours and felt like a kid watching old animes. Oddly enough the hentai room was hilarious, joke after joke after jokes, trust me its not as creepy as you think!

There was so much to do so I had almost completely forgot they had panels, which were ran by both fans and industry. There were panels for everyone, covering anything from hobbies, games, game show style panels, workshops, and even a panel hosted by your favorite guest of honors. A lot of the panels were not only fun but also very informative. For example, if you ever wanted to learn about voice acting, they had a whole panel dedicated to learning and even showing off live. A good one for new cosplayers or photographers would be ‘Posing for Cosplay Photography’; not only is it useful for cosplayers but I am sure you can use it for everyday photos as well, because really who wouldn’t want a awesome pose?

Overall Fanime 2015 was amazing since I had met a lot of amazing people and made a ton of new friends. You never know what type of adventure you will get into at Fanime; I said this once and I’ll say it again: Fanime has one of the best communities in California. Give it go if you haven’t, you won’t be disappointed.


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