The Human Reignition Project & Walkerman Kickstarters

Human Reignition Project

The Human Reignition Project (HRP) is a visual novel by Alienworks about the technologies in the distant future and the impact it has on people’s lives and relationships. An old lecturer formed a group named the Human Reignition Project while having the desire to see things closer to how they were before. Quite a few of the cast joined in order to be closer to others but there are also suspicions surrounding the group.

Artists working on HRP include Rosuuri (CG) and also the background artists Badriel and Jake Bowkett who’ve had experience working in other visual novels such as Sakura Spirit (Winged Cloud) and The Royal Trap (Hanako Games).

The campaign itself has a large range of goodies to choose from in the rewards which range from physical copies of the game to Kickstarter exclusive prints. Their early bird special is going quick so be sure to check out their Kickstarter here and HRP is also on Steam Greenlight.


Walkerman by Scalemail is an adventure game with visual novel elements. The protagonist, Jorgen embarks on a career in the city-state as a walkerman which requires him to tour the streets and alleyways in order to fight against the supernatural beings that come out after dusk. It’s more of a strategy game rather than hack-and-slash as seen in the gameplay video. There is also more going on behind the scenes regarding politics and shady personalities.

Walkerman is planned to have five episodic releases, with Act 1 currently estimated for November 2015 release. You can check out the Kickstarter here, and it’s also on Steam Greenlight. The early bird tiers are going quickly, but you can pledge $1 and increase the pledge once more slots are added.


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