NEKOPARA vol. 0 Review

I’m back with another NEKOPARA release – this time, Volume 0! It’s now available for purchase on Steam for 2.99 USD.

Vol. 0 covers what a typical day (divided into hourly segments) in the traditional Minaduki family estate is like prior to the events of Vol. 1. Shigure and all of the neko cast are front and center for normal antics, which consist of neko training, meal preparation, household cleanup, walks out on the town, and so on. The novel takes a little more than an hour to read on the auto setting.

The hair is gonna fly

The hair is gonna fly

Not much has changed from the original kinetic novel – the same soundtrack is used again, another 80 save slots are available, and there’s still the choice between English, Japanese, and Chinese text. The biggest addition is the petting system – click a button in the top right to “pause” the novel and allow clicks on a character sprite to register as petting. Three reactions – Goro goro goro~, Nyaaaaa~n, and Nyanya…? – are possible depending on which… err, “region” you pet.



This time there’s no R-18 version, but starting at 8:30 PM there’s the highly prominent bath time sequence. The only other thing to watch out for is a double entendre with, of all things, peeling potatoes.

A substantial amount of Vol. 0 almost requires the reader to be familiar with the concepts in Vol. 1 and as such doesn’t do well being a standalone purchase. Instead, Vol. 0 is aimed at fleshing out the character of each of the supporting cast nekos. The main character from the original, Minaduki Kashou, only appears for two brief moments and is otherwise not present in the novel.

Is the order a nekomimi?  I’ll take seven

Is the order a nekomimi? I’ll take seven

If you liked the original, you’re sure to have a ball with the delicious neko cast – bon nyappétit!


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