VN News Roundup #0


Welcome to the first of Neko’s Shiritori’s VN News Roundup! This is a pilot and hopefully we’ll be able to post something regularly, feedback would be highly appreciated!

MangaGamer has announced a large amount of discounts. Their site hosts the Back to School sale which includes titles such as Da Capo, Kira Kira and Otoboku. Indiegala has the Sexy Girls Bundle (Demon Master Chris, Boob Wars, Ecchi Mery) and Groupees’ MangaGamer Bundle (Warrior Princess Asuka, Sandwiched by my wife and her sister, Deardrops). In addition, they have a flash sale on more of their games.

The Unrated Version of The Fruit of Grisaia has been released on Denpasoft and is currently 25% off. Sunrider Academy is 50% off with the purchase of Grisaia from the site. The Steam version of Grisaia and The Reject Demon: Toko Chapter 0 are both on sale for a week. Backgrounds, trading cards and badges have been added for The Reject Demon. ebi-hime has released two screenshots of a new food VN project and features art from SillySelly who also worked on Asphyxia. 4LS members Aura and weee seem to be working on an original manga, as reported on Katawa Shoujo’s Japanese developer blog. Unwonted Studios’ No One But You is available for preorder and they have announced that voice acting has been cut due to budget constraint but will be reconsidered after final release.

Amnesia: Memories has been released on PS Vita and Steam, and is compatible with PlayStation TV. If My Heart Had Wings Limited Edition has a confirmed release date; 4th September. It’ll be on mobile devices (iOS and Android) and the sequel will also be available on these platforms. The Prefundia for the Muv-Luv Kickstarter is up, Degica is looking to launch the Kickstarter in early September. Stretch goals include an Android and possible Vita release, and also the localisation of Photon Melodies and Photon Flowers. The Western Shiny Days release has been delayed to the 18th September. Fallen Snow Studios has posted their first completed CG for Airi from Lucid9.

Last of all, VNs Now! has posted an article regarding the events surrounding AKISEKAI and their Kickstarters.

Update: MangaGamer is running a flash sale of eden* and eden* PLUS+MOSAIC. They’ve also announced that Kindred Spirits On The Roof will be fully uncut on Steam. The latest addition to Winged Cloud’s Sakura series, Sakura Swim Club is on Steam Greenlight. The console version of STEINS;GATE (PS3 & Vita) has been released in North America. Alice in Dissonance has released a preview of fault milestone two: side above’s Steam cards.


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