VN News Roundup #1

fault milestone two above

Welcome to another issue of VN News Roundup at Neko’s Shiritori! This week has been busy with fault milestone two side:above released on Steam (currently 25% off, comes with a digital shikishi) and Sakura Angels getting Japanese voices and translation (also on sale at 50% off). Sekai Project has published another monthly wrap-up which includes news of releases and the announcement that they have licensed Desunoya’s latest game, Reverse x Reverse, a puzzle platformer.

MangaGamer has posted their monthly project updates, most notable news is that A Kiss for the Petals: Remembering How We Met is now available for preorder from their site (10% off) and the Steam page is up. If you purchase from the MangaGamer site then you’ll also get a free Steam key. It is scheduled for release on the 25th of September. The minori fundraising page has also been updated and is now $120,911.19 funded.

Aksys Games have a release date for both Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ and Norn9: Var Commons, October 20th and November 3rd respectively. Marvelous Europe has announced a Heavenly Host Edition of Corpse Party: Blood Drive which includes an artbook, soundtrack, figurines and art cards.

Lupiesoft has announced a two week delay on The Menagerie for more playtesting in order for it to be more polished for release, the new date is now the 2nd of October. The soundtrack is up for sale at $3+ and will be free for those who have preordered The Menagerie.

Rounding up this issue is Fallen Snow Studios who have released some screenshots for their new GUI for Lucid9.


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