Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru Review


Developed by Frontwing and published by Sekai Project, Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru (Chiru Chiru) brings the return of our lovable tsundere idiot Matsushima Michiru (from the Grisaia series)! This time, Michiru is an aspiring idol and is trusted with the power of Magic by a talking cat named Nyanmel. Her task is to defend the world by sealing the seven evil Chaos, each named after and possessing the characteristics of each of the seven sins. Michiru’s reward for this is a single wish (which can’t be used for resurrection or wishing for more wishes!) and she intends to use it so that she can be a top idol like her role model, Kazami Kazuki. However, being Michiru means that this magical girl business doesn’t come easy to her as she gets locked out of using her wand the first time around and fails to fly properly.

Chiru Chiru tells the story of Michiru’s ridiculous antics and is generally light-hearted. As a spinoff, there are cameos from the main Grisaia series and some fanservice scenes. There are also some mild spoilers for The Fruit of Grisaia, i.e. bits of Michiru’s past. With the inclusion of Yuuji this time, the game is fully voiced and is split into two parts which were both released at the same time on Steam, unlike the original Japanese release. Each part is split further into ‘episodes’, without choices this makes it seem like a usual one cour anime. There are animated sections which go blend in well like the opening and the transformation sequence.

Preschool Mode

I thoroughly enjoyed playing through the game, especially since Michiru and Kazuki were two of my favourite characters from Grisaia and it was nice to see the other characters again. It divided itself from the usual light-hearted atmosphere and exceeded my expectations towards the end of Part 2. As it’s a game centered around idols, you can’t forget the vocal songs in the game which are sung by Chata (Michiru’s ED theme from Grisaia, CLANNAD anime ED) and Hana (Prologue de la Grisaia OP, Subahibi OP).

Playing through The Fruit of Grisaia (at least Michiru’s route) is highly recommended before starting Chiru Chiru, although there are characters which are also from Labyrinth and Eden. Overall, Chiru Chiru is a great quality game due to the many CGs by Watanabe Akio and Fumio along with animation and music. The system is the same as the other Grisaia games and has a good amount of bonuses which also include system voices. The translation is a bit questionable at times and inconsistent with Fruit but it doesn’t completely hinder the enjoyment.

Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru Part 1 and Part 2 are available on Steam now.


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