SacAnime Summer 2015 Review


Has everyone had a good summer? It’s been quite hot lately and Neko’s Shiritori once again return to Sacramento for the bi-annual SacAnime! This time we were most interested in seeing the direct changes that we heard proposed back in SacAnime Winter 2015. Although the location remains the same as ever, the usage of the area has changed to enhance the attendee’s experience.

Autographs have been relocated to the exhibit hall, which is also where the dealers and artist alley reside as mentioned in our Winter 2014 review. The walls appeared to be extended to house the additional space, making the area look bigger. Seeing as school is already in session, staff is already aware of attendance discrepancies between summer and winter events. Due to schedule conflicts we were only able to attend Saturday in which all interviews were cancelled across the board and were unable to interview the cast of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

We attended an amateur voice actor panel, headed by Allon Keller who goes under the username Tephlonx5. The turnout to the panel was much more than he had expected, thus he graciously invited other audience members who also fall under this category of amateur voice acting. Amateur voice acting can commonly be seen in various abridged series. A big boon to what got Allon started included encouragements by various voice actors such as Steve Blum, Tony Oliver, and Crispin Freeman.

In the Q & A segment of the panel, questions ranged from how one gets into voice acting to preferred tools. A key piece of advice was to use impersonation only for improving oneself and not for actually being someone you’re not. It’s brilliant if you can act as if you are someone else without someone knowing. In regards to getting started in the industry, one should familiarize themselves with minor character roles such as soldier A. Key actions include doing 40 hours of grunting, screaming, and crying. You could say it’s literally grunt work. There are good starting points such as newgrounds or voice acting alliance, though generally whole projects are recommended as opposed to doing demos.

Another question was regarding good dubbing software. Dazby and Reaper were mentioned, given that it was a good idea to just learn how to use the high tech stuff. Free stuff is good, particularly from app stores. If free software is available online for computers, it is recommended that research is done first. Editing takes a large bulk of time.

Famous voice actors such as Mark Hamil, David Hayter, among many others were mentioned as the panelists’ favorites either due to growing up with their voices or pleasant encounters.

Overall Impressions
SacAnime aims to change and evolve in response to current needs for the benefit of all who attend, and that’s exactly what occurred. Having autographs in their own small rooms caused lines to extend outdoors at the mercy of the weather, hence the fix this time around. We found the new placement was effective as the autograph section by no means negatively affected the dealer/artist experience.


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