VN News Roundup #2

Magical Eyes

It’s been yet another busy week with several releases! First of all, Winged Cloud’s latest addition to the Sakura series; Sakura Swim Club has been released on Steam and Denpasoft (R-18) and currently on sale. For those who have bought their copy from Steam, there’s an uncensoring patch available on their Patreon.

The horror visual novel WE KNOW THE DEVIL has also been released and can be played on a modern browser. WarGirl Games’ Over The Hills And Far Away has also been released on Steam. Love Conquers All Games has released a downloadable teaser for their latest project, Ladykiller in a Bind. Last of the releases is a companion novel to Love In Space’s Sunrider: Liberation Day, Sunrider: VENICZAR which is available if you back them at the $5+ tier on Patreon.

Fruitbat Factory announced that they’ve licensed Magical Eyes ~ Red is for Anguish, a mystery visual novel by POMERA Studios which will be released on Steam this Winter.

ebi-hime’s (Asphyxia, The Way We All Go) food-centered yuri visual novel, Strawberry Vinegar has a Lemma Soft topic where more information is provided about the game.

Culture Select’s Wish -tale of the sixteenth night of lunar month- has a translation progress page up. Sekai Project now also has a progress page for some of their projects which include WORLD END ECONOMiCA 3 and Narcissu 3rd.

The MuvLuv Prefundia has been updated as more details have been finalised.

We’re rounding off with the news that LizArts’ (Memory’s Dogma) has opened a Patreon account, goals are for there to be more animation included.


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